Sunday, 17 October 2010

Forgotten blog!

For some reason I thought I'd closed this blog down?? But here it still is thankfully! It's been over a year since my last post, but here we are again. I've been out and about over the summer, exploring the locality.
Found some beautiful ancient woodland that's managed by the National Trust with some interesting history relating back over 100 years. Saddlescombe Farm was once the home to the Knights Templar. The woods to the the north 'Newtimber Hill' is really my sort of thing. Being ancient woodland, it has a totally different feel about it. Sings a different song if you like!

Then on the flip side, I was out looking for a section of woodland closer to home to practise in and for more of a regular overnighter spot.

This should have tipped me off! Fly tipping to the extreme. But it showed quite a bit of promise so I cracked on.

It just got worse really. Not sure if is just laziness or loss of connection to the natural world or what? Blimey!
Not been back since that day, but something tells me I should. May have to get onto the local council to see if a clearance of the area is possible... will have to see. It's one thing moaning, another thing to do something I suppose!

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